When exploring the site you will find it incredibly evident that the 1950’s actress – Audrey Hepburn is featured in many of my posts and images on my site.

This is because Audrey is my ultimate inspiration; she was (and is,) a beautiful soul and an unlimited source of clarity and inspiration for all that I do. I was introduced to her when I chose an image of her to sketch for one of my final projects for my Visual Art class at school. I remember that I had always become incredibly frustrated with myself when attempting to sketch in my previous work, but when I sketched her I enjoyed every second of it and once I had finished, I felt immensely proud of myself and what I had created – I was 15 at the time.

I then became incredibly fascinated with her and I wanted to learn as much about her and her life as I possibly could. She was an incredible woman; she was so talented and compassionate, but what I love most about her is that she never conformed to the ideals of beauty during that era. She stayed true to her authentic self and people absolutely loved her for it. I feel that ultimately this is what I would want to achieve – to be nothing else but authentic and to stay true to my identity, regardless of how people perceive me and to not take on their negativity, because at the end of the day…

What Would Audrey Do?FullSizeRender

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