A Copenhagen in Copenhagen

This is a post that is LONG overdue…

Back in December 2016 I traveled to Denmark and the UK to spend 2 months overseas with my friends and family.

It was not my first time in Denmark but it was my first Nordic Winter experience, which was interesting, considering the coldest it gets in Cape Town is around 7 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, I had a magical time and I had all the glogg to keep me warm!

One of the items on my bucket list is to try the famous dish, that a city is known for, of each city that I travel to. For example: A Frankfurter in Frankfurt, Black Forest gateau in the Black Forest, A Cornish pastie in Cornwall etc…

And luckily for me, my Danish adventure took me to Copenhagen! I knew that my goal to have a Copenhagen in Copenhagen would finally be fulfilled! In my hunt for the perfect Copenhagen pastry, I discovered that what I knew as a Copenhagen was completely different to what the Danes call a Copenhagen. So I ended up enjoying a Cinnamon Snail which was very yummy.

What are some bucket-list worthy dishes that you are keen to try?


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