Handel&Hendrix London: Review

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I visited London in January/February this year. And whenever I go to London, it has been my goal to visit as many of the wonderful museums and galleries as I can, during my visit.

I absolutely adore museums and galleries, because they are the one place that marries my two favorite things – History and Design – into a single experience. In fact, I am currently studying to be a Curator so that one day I’ll be able to create wonderful and inspiring exhibitions myself. However, I do find at times when I tell someone what I am studying they might respond with: “Oh! But that sounds so boring.” This reaction is often the product of one of two reasons being; that not everyone is as fond of museums as I am; or that museums are stereotypically seen as stuffy, old, and that you would have to possess an immense general knowledge to appreciate the exhibits. I am happy to report that, in this day and age, museums are far from stuffy, old and boring!

The best example for the new and improved way in which museums are communicating history, would have to be Handel and Hendrix in London.

Handel & Hendrix is located at 25 Brook Street in Mayfair, London. The exhibition allows its audience to walk through the actual former homes of; the famous composer, George Frideric Handel; and the famous musician of the 60s, Jimi Hendrix. Each home has been reconstructed and dressed to what it would have looked like when Handel and Hendrix had lived there. The highlight of the exhibition would have to be Hendrix’s bedroom complete with replica decor and an actual mirror that belonged to Hendrix along with other memorabilia.

The exhibition offers a fully interactive experience with an ‘era appropriate’ dress-up room and photo/selfie station. To create an authentic atmosphere, there are tunes playing, from both Handel and Hendrix, throughout the exhibition and at audio stations. Most importantly, there are curators and guides in each room who can answer any questions you may have on the exhibition or these two men in music.

The exhibition is open from Monday to Saturday 11am – 6pm.

You will need to book tickets online at:

Bookings are required for both General Admission to the exhibition and special events/concerts or corporate events.

Prices are as follows with the option of adding a £1 donation:

Adults (without donation): £10.00

Children (without donation): £5.00

You can follow Handel&Hendrix London on Instagram @handel_hendrix or on Twitter @HandelHendrix to stay up to date with special events.

If you have already visited Handel&Hendrix, please let me know your thoughts on the exhibition in the comments.



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