I made it to the MOCAA!

After what seemed like years, I finally managed to visit the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa at the Silo District in Cape Town. On Wednesdays the museum has free entry for all African citizens, hence I took advantage of this as the entrance fee is rather expensive on normal days.

In my previous post about the museum, I dealt with the criticism and press surrounding the museum’s opening and the potentially controversial exhibitions within the museum. The main perceptions of the museum mainly consisted of; the issues of accessibility, the true ‘African-ness’ of the art and artists in the exhibitions, and the variations in exposure of  different artists on the continent.

From my perspective, the museum houses possibly the best, and widest, examples of contemporary African art out of all the galleries and museums that I have visited. In terms of accessibility, I think that the museum has drawn in people from all walks of life, both art lovers and people who simply want to know what all the fuss is about, because the museum is centered around the overall experience and can be enjoyed by everyone. The building itself can be directly interacted with and enjoyed in every aspect which complements the art it houses very nicely. Not to mention, the restaurant and gift shop are equally enjoyable!

I also thoroughly enjoyed the art although, I do feel that most of the art deals with the same themes and have somewhat ‘dark’ or ‘saddening’ undertones. But then again, most issues within African culture and history are ‘dark’ and ‘saddening’, so to be able to fill 6 floors of art with these messages definitely makes an impact.

In summary, I did thoroughly enjoy my visit to the Zeitz MOCAA and would recommend to anyone who finds themselves in Cape Town to pay the museum a visit.

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